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Translata is a professional translation agency which has been translating all manner of documents since 2005. We are a team of dedicated language enthusiasts who believe in service and fairness. We provide translations using human translators and go to great lengths to give our clients the best support from experienced project managers. Our people are our strongest asset and the quality of our language services stems from cherry-picked translators, thorough review mechanisms and distinguished project management. Our clients value our ability to provide perfect multilingual content, validated by qualified translators who have the credentials for their given industry.


A smile is a smile in every language. Everything else we translate.

Tomáš Polerecký

Founder, CEO

The company’s grey eminence leads the team and is often the main risk-taker. A rationally-minded leader who confirms the values with which he has succeeded through his daily decisions and actions – and especially the future of society. He has always understood that everything depends on choosing the right people.

Žaneta Peklanská

Project Team Leader

Žaneta combines the iconic style of Jackie Kennedy with the fearless determination of Churchill. Perfectly organised, professional and always ready to solve a problem, split tasks, or invigorate the office‘s slow Friday-feeling. Our leading lady is the heart of the team – keeping us at the top while also realistically grounded.

Martin Hrušovský

Sales Director

Some qualities result from hard work – and others are innate. Martin is a natural communicator whose empathic approach and natural expression creates trust-based relationships with colleagues and customers. He abides by the ”live and let live” credos,  and sets an example as a model of equilibrium and rational approach to life.

Marcela Belianska

Business Development Manager

Marcelka has been with our team since virtually day one. Thanks to her we have developed exemplary relations with interpreters – making us the market leader in Slovakia. Our skilled network will deliver the best-suited interpreter for your event – complemented by comprehensive interpreting equipment. Marcelka is an expert on complicated interpreting contracts – the successful conclusion of which is (deservedly) celebrated with a glass of something sparkling.

Monika Ivanková

Business Development Manager

Our smiling Monika’s energy charges at 200%. As an active multitasker she‘s always ready for the various challenges her day will bring – often nestled into a beanbag with her laptop, radiating a positive aura throughout the office. Our clients are impressed by her professional and fair approach, as well as her increasingly hard-to-find stoic-attitude.

Alexandra Bukovčanová

Head of Marketing

A little fighter with an innocent look but the soul of a wolf. Always strives to read between the lines and see the world through the eyes of an innovator. She brings the team a ‘can-do‘ attitude that she also applies in the digital world to spread positive information about the company that has grown in her heart. She thrives on delivering marketing activities based on strong services, a great team, and verifiable success.

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