One step ahead of the competition: include SEO-translations in your expansion strategy

Owners of contemporary websites know that thanks to quality SEO, they can discover and seize new international opportunities as they expand. Optimized translation boosts website's search result rankings, ensuring higher visibility and more clicks.

SEO and success in digital marketing

Two years of closed high streets have contributed to shopping going almost completely online. The eCommerce segment is setting new records, more people are enjoying online shopping, and even traditional segments are adapting their businesses to go online. People want verified information to get the products they need or want. And the easiest way is to enter a keyword in a search box and hit enter.

In 1998, dominant market player Google was processing about 10,000 queries a day. By 2006 this had risen to 10,000 queries per second. And current Internet Live Stats data states that a whopping 101,000 searches are processed every second. An average of 8.5 billion search queries are made worldwide every day.

Together with the move to online space, comes the increased need to optimize digital ownership. Website owners should be aware that search queries vary from country to country and language to language. Reflecting these differences is the task of search engine-optimized translations.

Why is a well-designed website – in terms of keywords for the Slovak market – not a guarantee of equal success abroad? Read in the article.

5 Reasons to consider SEO in international eCommerce

Quality SEO is now an essential part of every online business, and that will continue into coming years. The math speaks for itself: the higher you rank in search, the more visits you get. And if you can do it in more than one language, you’ll get even more traffic.

According to an analysis of clicks from the beginning of 2022, approximately 40% of clicks go to the website in first place in search. 18.4% click on content in second place, and only 10.1% in third place.

It pays to work on the quality of content you publish. A stable source of organic traffic is just one reason to pay attention to SEO.

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Other pluses of SEO implementation:

Strengthens brand credibility

Every day we receive large volumes of information, from which we use our filters to select the most relevant. Whether we perceive the information as being valuable depends on the authority of the information source. Although it takes time to build authority, websites can help by incorporating specific aspects on which search engines judge credibility. This also strengthens a brand’s position in consumers’ eyes.

Helps to understand customer behaviour

Organic traffic data is valuable information for website owners. Based on searched phrases, such owners will ascertain what concerns consumers, while demographic data and interests will provide a deeper view of the target group. This can be used to update business strategy and adapt messages.

Improves the shopping experience

The 2021 update of the search algorithm emphasizes the overall impression that visitors get on a website. Faster loading, clear navigation, and easily accessible information give visitors a signal that this website is where they can shop quickly and reliably.


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Higher diversity of channels through which potential customers can reach you

People like to share trusted information by providing you with another flow of relevant visitors from social networks, or by linking from their website. This can result in lower marketing costs for paid advertising.

Efficient marketing costs

The effect of SEO on traffic and sales can be easily traced. But it’s not possible to calculate the exact return on investment as with paid advertising. Its implementation brings a brand many positives from which the business can benefit for years, without additional significant costs.

SEO as part of the translation process

SEO translations of multilingual content deliver optimal results when an inherent part of the translation process from the outset. Search engine optimization is like a living organism that reflects market developments. Over the long-term, it pays off as competitive advantage and higher revenues from eCommerce.

It's a dream come true for me to work for a company where I trust the people and the services 100%. Peter Drucker was right about one thing: "The best way to predict the future is to create it," which is why it'll be my pleasure to brief you on the future direction of the translation sphere as well as the hidden pitfalls of marketing.