Case study 365.invest

With our professional legal and marketing translations, we streamlined the process and shortened delivery times

Smart CAT tools and our translators’ professional background (specialising in marketing, law, banking and finance) were key factors in delivering large-scale professional translations fast.

Client | 365.invest

365.invest is a Slovak management company that is part of the Group. In 2021, it underwent a transformation from the original First Pension Management Company. Over its 25 years, it has managed the investments of over 100,000 clients. It manages a wide portfolio of funds and makes investing available to the general public.

The management company 365.invest sought a way to get professional translations in banking, finance, investment and law in one place, as well as localized marketing translations fast.

We dedicated two translation teams to the cooperation:



translation teams



226 000

translated words

The first project part took place from March to August 2022. In four 20-day working stages, we provided the legal department with a translation of a package of developer contracts with proofreading of approx. 226,000 words.


The second part of the project was simultaneously underway, which we are still working on. For the marketing department, we produce localized translations of press releases and texts for the investment website. Our smooth processes and effective teamwork enable us to meet deadlines within 24 to 48 hours.


We rise to the challenge of numbers and paragraphs


Marketing and law combined with banking are seemingly at different sides of the professional spectrum. So both sectors necessitate a different approach to translations.


Legal translations must be meticulous, error-free, and even one word or misplaced comma can result in a different meaning. Marketing translations require a creative input so that the commercial message has the same impact in a foreign language.


Thanks to an extensive database, we have created two translation teams with two distinct focuses: law and marketing.

5 steps to capture every detail


  1. The client sent us editable documents, which made the work faster to start.
  2. After analysing the documents in the CAT tool, we identified the first duplicate expressions in the texts and saved translators’ time and effort.
  3. Both expert teams devoted themselves to their project part. The legal team translated the contract packages in four stages in 80 days. The marketing team delivered translations within 24 to 48 hours.
  4. As we did not have a glossary of terminology from the client, we created one from scratch.
  5. The CAT tool made the work much faster, helped maintain consistent terminology, and stored it in memory. The more texts we translated, the more the memory grew with new expressions. This enabled smooth translations and sometimes delivery ahead of schedule.

Investments and translations are based on trust and reliability



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How does the client rate our cooperation?

“We collaborated with Translata on various projects. These were mostly professional and localized translations that are regularly published on our websites. We’ve always been delighted with the translators’ expertise. That’s why we collaborate with this company in all situations. Cooperation is highly professional, prompt, and flexible to reflect customers’ needs. It often happened that translations were delivered early – at no extra cost.
Thanks a lot for the quality, promptness, and willingness to give advice. That’s why we recommend this translation company to anyone who considers not only the cost, but also the quality, efficiency, speed, and flexibility of translation services.”

Bibiana Struhárová
Office Manager,
365.invest &