Case Study – Decathlon

Racking Up Wins for Decathlon with our Secret Playbook

Secret playbook and winning gameplan are two factors that stand behind Decathlon's international success. With workflow adapted to their internal system, our A-team of translators and efficient project management, Decathlon enjoys growing customer loyalty on the Slovak market.

Client | Decathlon

Decathlon is on a mission to make sports more accessible to everyone. From research, through product development to logistics – they strive to offer sports equipment for affordable prices. The company has launched multiple brands, and many of them have become synonymous with everyday outdoor activities. Just think Quechua – an outdoor passion brand for enthusiasts all over Europe. Can you imagine a hike or a family outing without their shoes or tents… Impossible, right?

Gameplan à la Les Bleus: A Winning Setup


Decathlon has been on the Slovak market since 2015. But their journey with Translata began only in January 2024. Their requirements were straightforward:

Now this is something we had to optimise for and draft a dedicated team with the required skillset: proficiency in French and Slovak, willingness to work in the client’s internal software and passion for sports and active lifestyle.


The cooperation was off to a great start – the client had a glossary and trainings for their internal software prepared well ahead. This way, our hand-picked team of language specialists was able to jump right in without wasting precious time or resources.


Just like with any good sports team, the success of this cooperation lies in trust and regular practice. We work in the same language combination on 170,000 words per month, with texts arriving in batches every Monday and Thursday.


These involve sports-related topics such as clothing descriptions, accessory details and nutrition information. Maintaining consistency and high quality is a team effort, and that’s our secret behind steady results throughout the whole season.



170 000

words per month


project manager

Bringing Our A-Game


Considering the stakes and expected results, we had to build our best starting lineup:


With the right system and style that’s been established during the initial training, we can consistently produce great team results – month in and month out.



The Final Scoreboard




The Secret Playbook: Client’s Glossary and Translation Memories


In any match, whether it’s the Champions League finals or a group stage, a great playbook can make all the difference. It’s of the secret formation or last-minute strategic substitution that tips the scales in your favour. The same goes for localization strategy.


The client’s niche – sports – presents a unique opportunity to cut costs with translation memory matches. Thanks to our setup, we were able to deliver high volumes and great results without compromising quality.


Similarly narrow-focused cooperations benefit from term bases, translation memories or client glossaries. The specialized sports terminology often repeats, and the client pays only for the first occurrence.


The client’s glossary served as our secret playbook. The translators save time otherwise spent looking for the correct or preferred terms and deliver translations quicker with lower costs. Project managers are then on solid ground when it comes to terminology checks and final QA.



Victory on Foreign Turf


One of the main requirements of Decathlon Slovensko was to work in their internal system. That means accepting, translating and submitting the jobs all in the same place. Our flexible translators and project managers, who are always on top of new tech, adapted quickly and we got a ‘W’ on foreign turf.


With the client well-prepared for our questions, we managed to take care of the French-to-Slovak workload, and we successfully continue to do so.


Adapting to Decathlon’s translation software required an initial learning curve. But both teams soon reaped the benefits.


With Translata’s expertise, Decathlon highlights the importance of specialized translation services in sports and retail. Slovak customers receive details about the products in their native language, which results in better purchasing experience and growing loyalty. And Decathlon maintains its brand voice across the world.



Client testimonial

We have only been working with Translata since January 2024, but in this short time we already consider them a reliable and professional partner. Translation services are always provided on time and in excellent quality. They have quickly become familiar with our in-house translation system, our specific glossary and our diverse sports terminology. We are particularly positive about the prompt communication with the agency representatives and their sincere interest in feedback.

Gabriela Šošková
Head of Marketing Communication & Translation at DECATHLON SLOVENSKO