Case study Isadore

Automated translation helped free up time for the Isadore team and cut down on costs

Thanks to localised translation, people from 4 different continents were able to discover cycling clothing made to perfection by two former professional cyclists. We grabbed the translation process by the handlebars and managed to help Isadore with all the twists and turns, which catapulted them to the head of the race.

Osoba jazdiaca na bicykli úzkou uličkou

Client | Isadore

Isadore is a Slovak producer of timeless clothing for cyclists. The company’s founders, twins Martin and Peter Velits, capitalise on their success in professional cycling and knowledge of cyclists’ needs, thereby guaranteeing that exceptional products are made with respect to sustainability. Isadore products are sold by retailers in various parts of Europe, America, Australia, and Asia.

Isadore approached us with the task of translating marketing campaigns and products from their inventory. Their clothing designs and production values offer an unconventional approach with international appeal.


That’s why through localised translations they hoped to raise awareness of their products and values amongst foreign customers abroad.


The project was run by 1 project manager with 4 translators and 4 proofreaders assigned to the task. In 6 months, we translated 90,000 words in the following language pairs:



90 000

words translated


team of translators and proofreaders

4 steps to automated translation


  1. We prepared three trial translation versions for each language. We rated the automation configuration via API connection as the best solution in regards to the type and structure of the texts.
  2. We sent the client a PHP library, which they implemented into their website code and then connected to the translation interface. The process is simple and takes the client a fraction of the time relative to the amount of manual work involved.
  3. Thanks to the connection that’s been configured, the client can now send source texts straight to the CAT tool. The tool will then automatically create a new project and assign a translation memory, glossary, and translation team that will be notified of the new task.
  4. After a multi-stage proofing process, the system will download the finished texts and then save them where they’re meant to go.


We worked on their weak areas and gradually pushed them to the head of the race with our translations


The translation cycle is now a joyride



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How does the client rate our cooperation?

“After years of experience translating our content using freelance translators, the Translata team’s approach has simplified our internal processes while also improving the overall quality of the translations. We see the biggest shift in the integration of our backend with Translata’s API, which means we spend less time at Isadore communicating, checking, and uploading the actual texts to the website. As a result, each and every employee on our small team can now use the time we’ve saved for more creative activities that will help move our company forward. Thanks to Translata, whom we now see as a reliable partner, we can now rest assured that our future marketing communications won’t get lost in translation with potential international customers.“

Boris Štefánik
Brand Manager,