Case study Mercateo

See how the professional conference was interpreted - 6 interpreters, 2 booths and 100 receivers

Translata’s interpreters managed to do the impossible – they simultaneously interpreted complicated esoteric jargon in four foreign languages. They also interpreted some sections without being given materials to prepare for them in advance.

Preplnená sála ľudí sledujúcich muža na pódiu

Client | Mercateo

Mercateo Slovakia s.r.o. deals with online product sales for businesses in various fields.

Client goal and needs

The client approached us with a request to simultaneously interpret a professional procurement conference in 4 different languages and in various combinations. This also required us to arrange for the interpreting equipment and find professionals in the given field.

Service provided

Service: simultaneous interpreting in 4 languages and arranging for the interpreting equipment

Duration: 1 day from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

Venue: the X-BIONIC® Sphere multi-functional resort in Šamorín

Languages and their combinations

6 interpreters interpreted the conference in the following languages and language pairs:

Interpreting equipment

During the simultaneous interpretation of the conference, we provided:




interpreting booths



Project progression details


Interpreting equipment


Client’s statement

“Translata’s well-chosen team of interpreters also managed to interpret some sections that didn’t come with materials to prep with in advance. The overall atmosphere of the event was like being at a friendly gathering and led to mutual satisfaction on both sides.”