Case Study – Škoda Auto Slovensko

Shifting gears: Marcom and legal translations with great mileage

Our database of verified translators is the key to successful cooperation with Škoda Auto Slovensko. We provide marcom, legal, and automotive translations all under one roof with fast turnarounds. And the client saves on ‘gas’ with CAT tools and translation memories.

Client | Škoda Auto Slovensko

Škoda Auto Slovensko is the importer of Slovakia’s most popular car brand. With its 130-year history, it’s one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Many Slovak families have been loyal to the Škoda brand all their lives. It brings out the nostalgic memory of their first car, and they follow its technological and design development. Škoda is your courageous companion for exploring the world.

Cruising together: 10 years and counting


More than ten years of cooperation with Škoda Auto Slovensko has seen some large-scale translation projects – for example, Škoda catalogues with both marcom and automotive terminology (models Kamiq, Scala, Kodiaq, Fabia, Octavia, Karoq, Enyaq).


InDesign docs allowed us to work directly with the source files without the hassle of conversion. We take care of the words; graphics is entirely in the hands of the client’s ad agency, Wiktor Leo Burnett.


But what about a 300,000-word webpage? With CAT tools, we managed to stay on top of all the updates and cut costs and delivery times.


Škoda also trusts us with translations of their internal legal documents, training, and regular press releases in the following language pairs:


Our cooperation feels like cruising in one of the Škoda models thanks to a great translator-proofreader duo behind the wheel, who can deliver even in clutch situations.

280 000

words translated

costs for

20 000

words saved


language combinations

Fuelling success


The most critical factor driving successful cooperation in our line of business is meeting deadlines. And that can be difficult without a team of reliable translators – experts in marcom, automotive, and legal. It’s like driving with your eyes closed, trying to juggle project management, quality, and style.


Each area of expertise requires a tailored approach and skillset. Marcom is where creativity and emotions pack a punch; automotive and legal, on the other hand, call for attention to detail when dealing with specific terminology.


Translata’s vendor database has been tried and tested over many years of cooperation with the biggest names. That’s why finding the right fit didn’t take long.


The client’s translations are stored in a translation memory updated with each project. Glossaries also play an important role and help us get the specific terminology right. These two resources join forces in CAT tools to ensure consistency. Translations are then proofread and reviewed.


CAT tools are invaluable in the process. They allow us to work directly with the source files, ensuring quick turnaround and lower costs. Translation memories save valuable time and resources because the client pays for the repeating parts of the text only once.


Cooperation driven by reliability

Client testimonial

As a company with an almost 130-year history in the automotive industry, we know how important it is to choose a stable and reliable partner. Translata has proven to be just that, even in a dynamic world full of challenges. Their flexibility, speed, and diligence when it comes to translations are the foundation of our long-standing partnership. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, and over time, our cooperation’s got even better and more efficient. I believe our partnership will continue in the same spirit for many years. “

Katarína Pevná
Marketing Specialist & Coordinator at ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko