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By translating technical texts, we helped Solargis reach 8 new global markets

Translata has been translating for one of Solargis’ specialised applications for many years now. As a B2B company for the renewable energy sector, Solargis requires challenging texts with often-difficult terminology to be translated into 8 languages. By translating these texts, the client is well-equipped to expand its operations to markets where English is not commonly spoken.

Solárne panely na trávnatom poli

Client | Solargis

Solargis provides data, software, and consulting services for the construction and operation of solar power plants. Its products and services are used by thousands of companies around the world. By implementing several language versions, it can also reach markets where the use of English is not so common.

Localised translations open up windows of opportunity in 8 new markets


Solargis approached us to translate a specialised application, which works with solar and meteorological data, and its user environment into its target market languages.


The job is tasked to an 18-member project team (1 project manager, 8 translators, 8 proofreaders, and 1 final-eye approver). We work with texts for the application’s user interface, which we translate in a specialised localisation environment.


Because the application is regularly updated, this localisation environment simplifies and speeds up translations of updated texts and ensures consistency of translations in the required languages.


Languages and their combinations




project team members


new global markets

Simple translations management in 4 steps


  1. We compiled translation memories from existing translations in the localisation environment, which enables us to translate texts faster.
  2. The client will notify us when new texts have been added to the application.
  3. We process the texts, localise them into 8 different languages, and then upload them back into the localisation environment.
  4. The client can work with the texts immediately, and their consistency with previous translations and application content is guaranteed.

The biggest benefits of cooperation



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What did Solargis have to say about the collaboration?

„We work with texts that can be very technically demanding. Even I would have a problem translating some of these texts into my native Slovak. In the past, we’ve used the translation services of various small agencies and freelancers, but we weren’t always happy with the quality of the results. It was easy to get disorganised with this form of cooperation, especially when we had a constant demand for new translations. In many cases, the resulting texts were simply inaccurate or inconsistent. We’re now very satisfied with Translata. They’ve been able to provide us with a steady supply of translations in the desired quality and in whatever language we’ve needed so far. We’ve also been able to simplify work delegation and speed up deliveries as a result.”

Peter Hanuštiak
Marketing Manager