Case study Stoklasa

We came up with a “tailor-made” way to deliver quality translations for a third of the price and on a near daily basis

Fast translations in adequate quality enable Czech company Stoklasa to sell its haberdashery and sewing supplies to skilled hands in 4 other countries. We synced up to the client’s website using API where, under our supervision, the translations were largely automated.

Client | Stoklasa

In 1990, when Ing. Leo Stoklasa founded Stoklasa together with his wife, buttons were in short supply in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today, he looks back on those times with a great, big smile. His company is the market leader in the wholesale and retail sale of haberdashery, textiles, and sewing supplies. He sells his goods through the company e-shop all throughout Europe and also operates 16 branch store locations in the Czech Republic.

Why patch something up when it could be done easier


For the company Stoklasa, when expanding the e-shop to include new languages, it was important to obtain high-quality translations in the fastest possible turnaround time. They weren’t looking for wordsmithing. All that was needed was to retain the original meaning. Our MTPE service, i.e. machine translation with post-editing, was the ideal solution.


The client outsources translations on a near daily basis in batches of about 100 to 1,000 words. We, therefore, created a simple way to sync up with the client’s e-shop, which largely automated the collaborative process.


So far, we have more than 40 projects under our belt. The biggest one was the very first project when we translated 78,500 words. We simultaneously translated a large volume of texts into Spanish (approximately 103,050 translated words) and Italian (approximately 102,500 translated words).


We translate in the following language pairs:


The collaboration, which began back in March 2021, involves:


project manager





We didn’t just cobble things together


We communicated the current status and preferences with the client and proposed a solution to manage translations faster.


1. The client installs the software library we’ve provided to his system and then we sync his system up with ours. Assigning translators and providing them with the translation materials works automatically.


the client’s e-shop ↔ our server ↔ our translation software


2. We keep an eye out for errors in the source text, double-check their meaning against the website’s content as a point of reference, and then notify the client of any errors we find.

3. After the translation is finished, the texts are proofed. We make all the necessary corrections and then the client automatically receives the final versions.

Good translations with a smooth turnaround



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How does the client rate our cooperation?

“We started working with Translata to expand the e-shop with additional language versions (French, Spanish, Italian). The advantage is that we no longer have to seek out experienced and reliable translators or deal with employment issues. We chose Translata mainly because they could connect to our e-shop via API. New texts added to the e-shop are immediately automatically sent for translation and then translated back into the correct language. Not having to worry about the translations really helps us to reduce our workload. Some of our translations are dealt with without an automated system and so we really appreciate the speed and professional approach to all of our translation orders.“

Mgr. Jakub Skácel
Commercial Director