Woox Case Study

The Art of Creative Translation for Unique Brands

Iconic Czech company Woox stands out in the realm of e-shops thanks to its unique brand voice. Years of hard work would’ve gone out the window if we had just ‘translated’ their compelling copy. That’s why we have joined forces with a copywriter to re-create their message and captivate the imaginations of their Slovak customers.

Traja ľudia kráčajú po pláži a držia si topánky

Client | Woox

Cultivating joy and creating a better world – together. That’s the mission of Czech e-shop Woox, a design powerhouse when it comes to stylish and functional clothes for everyday use. Their decision to become a customer-centric company has paid off, and we can now enjoy shopping for wholesale prices. Witnessing first-hand the stories of their customers helps the company innovate and meet the ever-changing demands.

Wooxurious cooperation


The brand’s communication is characterised by witty short stories and polished sense of humour. E-shops rarely hear how eager their clients are to pay the invoice.


We started off with a sample translation to see if we’re a good fit. After the client’s positive feedback, we got a green light for the whole project. It’s a long-term cooperation which involves two types of services:


hours of creative translation and copywriting


words of localised translation


project managers

Creative brief: A recipe for success


Success in marcom favours the bold. Clients often fine-tune their unique brand voice to stand out among today’s fierce e-commerce competition. Transcreation helps you stay true to your message and relevant across languages and cultures. Even countries with their history as intertwined as the Czech Republic and Slovakia have distinctive cultural features, behaviours, and sense of humour.


Creative brief is the cornerstone of any successful cooperation. It contains all the important questions and information from the client which help the copywriter / transcreator craft a spot-on copy.


The creative brief for WOOX was precise and thorough. It was essential in our cooperation with copywriters and helped us meet all the client’s needs and expectations.


Example: Creative brief helped us understand how Woox communicates. Their style is witty, conversational, friendly, and informal. We knew that we would have to find a way to communicate unique puns, specific humour, and slang.


Our battle-tested copywriter managed re-create the original product descriptions and authentically incorporate them into Slovak cultural and historical context.

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