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We took over the role of localization department and delivered the client 22% cost savings

Thanks to localized translations, durable and functional ZAJO products keep nature and sports lovers company in 16 countries. We oversee the translation project life-cycle, giving the client more time for other tasks and quality translations at lower costs.

Dvaja turisti si užívajú horskú túru

Client | ZAJO

ZAJO started out in 1996. Founder Juraj Králik, then still a student, took a risk and had 900 hiking trousers – of a quality hitherto lacking – made. From selling trousers while travelling around Slovakia, the brand’s range now numbers over 200 leading products. These are trusted by altitude junkies, professional and hobby sports people, and weekend walkers.

Translations in 15 language combinations? No problem


The majority of cooperation comprises translations of website content (category descriptions, products, materials, care instructions, blogs) and info for customers (cookies, delivery, exchange and return of goods, etc.).


It was too much for the ZAJO’s internal team to both focus on the creative process and also ensure translation and localization into 15 languages. We gradually deepened our long-term cooperation and created an external localization department.


This cooperation includes:

Our cooperation comprises various translation projects of different scope. As an example, we highlight a 19,000-word translation project.


We implemented the project in these 15 language combinations:


language combinations


external localization department


translators & proofreaders

Smooth translations – 3 steps to more effective management


Managing the translation process was time-intensive for employees. The goal was to minimize the client’s administrative tasks and so free up productive time for employees.


1. Translata Portal replaced emails

The client submits its translation requests via the Translata PortalDocuments are simply uploaded for translation and we do the rest. If it’s necessary to resolve specific assignments, we communicate through an assigned project manager.


2. Communication with one supplier

The client no longer has to worry about finding, replacing or paying new translators. We have a database of over 7,000 verified translators. This also solved the problem of complicated quality assurance of translated content.


3. Lower translation costs

We create translation memories from the very beginning of cooperation. After months of cooperation, the memories are so extensive that we can deliver translations faster and give the client a lower price for repetitions.

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