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The ability to react immediately is key to keeping pace with an accelerating world.
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"There are partnerships that work and then there are ones that really know how to enrich and help with development on both fronts. Dedoles is a dynamic company where every team works extremely fast and changes things at a rapid pace. Thus, finding a translation company with translators who are willing to buckle down at our pace has been no easy task. But with Translata, not only did we find a fast, effective, and professional translation solution, but also an especially great partner. Translata has always been there for us and they are willing to comply and help with whatever we at Dedoles throw at them – whether it be translations needed in under two hours, official translations, annual budgeting translations, or technical translation support. I believe that every company will find whatever it needs in Translata – a professional approach, high-quality translations, and enjoyable people to work with.

Patrícía Ramšák, Head of Content – Dedoles

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