We will be happy to answer frequently asked questions concerning the translation process.
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When ordering any service, it’s necessary to find out as much about the service provision as possible. Many of our customers have little experience with the field of ordering translation. That’s why we would like to take this opportunity to address the most frequently met issues concerning orders. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please contact us by phone, e-mail or use the contact form. Our project managers will be happy to answer your questions and queries.

Our most popular language combinations for translation include English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Since our establishment, we have translated to and from 73 languages in more than 269 combinations.


We work with all standard editable formats such as doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, odt, xml, html, idml, etc. We also have no problem with PDF format, and we will advise about non-editable and numerous lesser-known formats. If you have text in an editable format, we recommend that you send that one to get a quote. We will prepare a quote for you promptly and accurately. If you order a translation in a non-editable format and you want the graphical layout to be identical to the source, our graphical (desktop publishing) equipment is at no extra charge.


3. How quickly can you translate?

After the source text has been analysed and you have accepted the quote, the translation will immediately start. The quote will also include the deadline for the completed document. We can fulfil the most demanding requirements for deadlines; just let us know that you need an express delivery. Generally speaking a translator can translate eight standard pages per day, of course depending on text complexity. In exceptional situations a larger text volume may be possible to process on a daily basis. In such a case, the job will necessitate multiple translators.


4. Which formats do you work with?


Type of document


Document doc, docx, rtf, odt, dot, dotm
Table xls, xlsx, xlsm, csv
Presentation ppt, pptx, pps, pptm
Maps vso, vsd
Audio and Video mp3, avi, wav, mpeg
Graphics indd, idml, psd, ai, tiff, bmp
Web html, htmlx, phtml, xml, xliff
CAT-Format xliff, sdlxliff, mqxliff, ttx, po
Other pdf


The price of a translation is based on the volume of standard pages, the language combination, the deadline, and whether standard or certified translation. It is due to these multiple factors that we don’t display prices on our website – because such price list would be more misleading than helpful.

The unit of measurement for a translation is the number of source words or standard pages. One standard page is 1,800 characters including spaces. It means that you know as well as we do the volume of your text for translation.

Upon the ordering of a translation by an individual person, we request the advance payment of 50% of the total price, which can be paid personally at our office or by e-bank transfer. The same principle applies to orders from companies, although in such a case the amount of advance payment is subject to mutual agreement.

Our minimum order is EUR 12. When a larger volume is being translated, the cost is prepared in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria.


If it’s a standard text, you can bring it personally to our branch (you can find the address and map here), but of course it’s enough to send it to: office@translata.eu. If you need a certified translation, you will need to bring the notary certified copy of the document (or the original document) personally to our branch. The original document or notary certified copy is attached to the translated document with a tri-colour string. If you don’t have the time to deliver the original document in person, you can send it to us via post.


A certified or legal translation is required for official communications with state institutions, and for formal communications with institutions for official purposes. Certified translations are performed by translators certified by the Slovak Ministry of Justice. The certified translation is attached to the original with tri-colour string, or to its notarised certified copy. Standard translations are suitable for all other purposes.


Certified translation has numerous synonyms, such as translation with a seal, court translation, or legally verified translation. It is most frequently required for communications with official institutions. Following documents often require official translation: school report, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, certificate, diploma, judicial decision, extract from the criminal register, extract from the commercial register, etc. If you’re unsure whether you need a certified translation, we recommend that you ask the relevant institution directly. Certified translation does not equal legal verification. Legal verifications of documents are performed by civil-law notaries. We will perform the translation of your official document, which will be suitable for official purposes, which will be done by a qualified certified translator.


We recommend the proofreading of translations for all materials of a presentational purpose, promotional materials, annual reports, marketing presentations, or anything for publication. Proofreading for internal company purposes or individuals is not usually necessary, but will of course contribute to enhancing the final quality of the text.


Translata completely respects the confidentiality of your documents and data. All information that is shared in the course of our communication is deemed confidential, and as such is treated as a trade secret. All of our employees are bound by an obligation of confidentiality. Our company premises are monitored by 24-hour CCTV surveillance.


We will be happy to hear from you if we have met your expectations. Click on this link (Google Reviews), leave a review and get a one-time 5% discount for your next translation. The discount is limited to €100. All you have to do is send us a link to your review via our online form (the message field) or to our e-mail address at office@translata.sk when ordering your next translation.