Interpreting equipment

When ordering interpreting equipment, we provide you with a comprehensive interpreter set-up, which includes portable interpreting booths that are subject to ISO 2603 standards.
Translata ilustrácia - tlmočník na konferencii

An interpreter generally interprets from a booth, which we can rent to you upon request and set up for you at the interpreting site. In the event of pilot interpreting (in which the pilot language is the one that's understood by all interpreters on the team and is used to interpret speeches held in a language not understood by all the interpreters), a separate booth for each language pair is required. This way, interpreters can listen to the speech of the presenter in the room, or other interpreters in other booths who are interpreting on different channels.

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Top-tier interpreting for the smooth running of events

Academy Award of Merit (The Oscars) from English to Slovak
The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from English to Slovak
The Mercateo all-day conference a combination of 4 languages

"We were extremely satisfied with Translata's work. We are grateful for their flawless project design. They provided us with the technical set-up and interpreting equipment we needed, and we are thankful they cooperate with such extremely qualified and experienced interpreters."

Ildikó BURAJOVÁ Office Manager, ENGIE

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