Bespoke language projects with bespoke prices

Is 30 minutes too long for you to wait on a quote?

See samples of some of our most frequent types of projects with their estimated prices.

85 €

Medical records

From Slovak to German

  • 5 standard pages
  • 2-day turnaround

“We especially appreciate their willingness and ability to process large amounts of source material in a short amount of time while also maintaining a strict consistency within terminologically complex texts”

980 €

Web page

From Slovak to German and English

  • 6200 words
  • turnaround in 5 business days
  • translation including proofreading
  • pricing for both languages

“It took me only two days to launch a campaign for a new product in Germany and the Czech Republic, all thanks to the express translation of the landing page and PPC ads. Thank you for your professional approach.”

144 €

Official translations of 4 high school diplomas

From Slovak to English

  • 5 day turnaround
  • high school diploma including graduation test certificate
820 €

Technical drawing

Zo slovenčiny do angličtiny
  • 60 standard pages
  • turnaround in 6 business days
  • translation with graphic design

“We have used Translata’s translation services for more than a year to translate various specialised documents. Working with them has been a great experience, and they’ve always met the pre-arranged translation delivery deadlines. Their system of communication is also client-focused. I can happily recommend working with Translata to others.”

110 €

Module specification

From English to Slovak

  • 5 standard pages
  • 1-day turnaround
  • translation with proofreading

“Translata employees are experienced in situations that are ‘on the frontier of mastery’, and it shows by the repeated trust of Microsoft Slovakia.”

600 €

Technical documentation

From Slovak to English

  • 35 standard pages
  • turnaround in 5 business days

“We appreciate that Translata has always worked to accommodate our various requirements (such as the translation of a text by a single translator, translations with graphics, and express translations). This attests to their professionalism.”

1160 €

Hotel website

From Slovak to English, Hungarian and Russian
  • 60 standard pages
  • turnaround in 4 business days
  • translation including proofreading
  • pricing for all languages combined

“Our texts are often challenging because we are a creative studio. We believe translating them can be a ‘tough nut to crack.’ Translata works through this with its copywriters, and the accuracy of the translation will be verified by native language proofreaders so that we can be 100% confident in the translation.”

75 € – 100 €

Official translation of a vehicle registration certificate and invoice

From German to Slovak

  • 2-day turnaround
  • official translation of a long-form and short-form vehicle registration certificate, including a simple invoice when purchasing the car