Adam Chrenko

15. November 2023

Beyond Translation: Why ‘Good Enough’ Won’t Cut It in Marcom

Good-enough translations are all the hype these days. Accessible. Fast. Cheap. Machine translation engines and AI with human editing is the way to go for many businesses. High volume, low costs, and fast turnaround are top priorities for most customers.

How can you make your brand stand out in this fast-paced environment? What if your content isn’t MT or AI-friendly? And what if you’re looking for an emotional response and connection?

You need your message to be engaging and compelling. You can’t afford the risk of sounding awkward and losing your potential customers.

Now imagine a scenario…

You’ve put a lot of effort into your native language copy. And it’s perfect! Hits all the right notes with the audience. But now – you need it to work in English. And Spanish. And maybe even in German or Italian.

Easy, right? Translation and proofreading by a native should do it. Sounds like you can’t go wrong.

Yet the result doesn’t meet your expectations. It’s true to the original, and there are no errors… But something doesn’t feel right, and you can’t quite put a finger on it.

Sounds familiar? Has your well-crafted copy lost ‘its soul’?

Full potential: Unleashed

You just got a translation – nothing wrong with that. But to make your copy – and your business – work internationally, you need a transcreation.

Transcreation, or creative translation, is the top dog in the translation world. It’s the approach for your marcom content where emotions pack a punch. Get your reader hooked in the first few lines, and the horizons of your business immediately expand. At that moment, you can sell virtually anything.

You may wonder, what’s the difference between translation and transcreation?


Venturing into a new market with ‘good enough’ translations could cost you more than just a few extra bucks. It might cost you your market position, your sales, or even your reputation – and that’s often worth a lot more than money.

Still in doubt? No worries, there’s more…

Stay tuned for our blog series on creative translation. In the next article, we’ll walk you through creative translations of short slogans and social media posts. You’ll see real-life examples and learn how your business can benefit.

Ready to go beyond translation? Get in touch with our team of seasoned professionals who will happily answer all your questions.

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