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We are trusted both by world-leading companies requiring complex translations and by individual clients who need just a few pages translated.
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  • 18+ years on the market
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For individuals

Official translations: express delivery, in person or by mail, good prices.

Official documents with a stamp. For students, registry, imported vehicles, medical reports and documents, judicial translations, for businesses and work abroad.

Official translations for individuals Get a price quote in 30 minutes
Small and medium businesses and corporations

A combination of technologies, fine-tuned processes and talented people that you will fall in love with.

For 17 years, we have been building our long-term partnerships and helping businesses which do not underestimate communication in foreign languages.

Language Intelligence for businesses Customized price quote

Bridging Minds: A Union of Humanity & AI

We stand at the crossroads of human empathy and AI’s potential, striving for the perfect harmony between the intuition of skilled translators and the prowess of machine learning. Our conviction is rooted in the idea that true comprehension and genuine expression in one’s native language can only emerge from this powerful collaboration. We would like to highlight and honor the irreplaceable contribution of individuals in the realm of translation. Our faith is in people.

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Small and medium-sized businesses and corporations

Kick back, relax, and leave everything to us.

We take all the guesswork out for you and manage your projects from start to finish. So you can spend more time doing what you do best: running your business.

Why we make a great team

We translate into 70 different languages

Top-notch tools and technology

The quality of our services is guaranteed

We start working within 30 minutes

We have expertise in every industry

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E-commerce and digital marketing

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Construction and architecture

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Mechanical engineering

Translata ikona - volant

Automotive industry

Translata ikona - medicína

Medicine and pharmaceuticals

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Marketing and PR

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Translata ikona - mobil

Telco and information technology

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Law and trade

Tender documents

Tender documents

Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Search engine optimized translations

Search engine optimized translations

We are proud to help our clients grow

E-book: Translation Technologies - A Comprehensive Guide

We don't want you to get lost in translation or in the possibilities that technology gives us.

Get the necessary overview of translation technologies in the most comprehensive guide on the Slovak market.

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Are your translations made by another provider and you're not sure about the quality?

For individuals

Rush-order translations, for pick-up in person or sent by post

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Diplomas, transcripts, certificates

Translata ikona - lietadlo

Business and work abroad

Invoices, contracts, account statements, trade licenses

Translata ikona - volant

For imported vehicles

Technical licences, COCs, documents for imported vehicles

Translata ikona - úradná pečiatka

For the vital records office

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of residence

Translata ikona - paragraf

Official translations

Laws, licenses, and directives; diplomas; contracts; court decisions; birth certificates and other vital records

Translata ikona - medicína

Medical reports and documents

Healthcare documents, clinical studies, medical reports, package leaflets, doctor's notes, test results