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The members of our team are all very different, but they have one thing in common – a love of languages and a boundless desire to constantly improve.

Translator - External

Translator - External

Proofreader - External

Proofreader - External

Interpreter - External

Interpreter - External

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"As a translator I appreciate the correct approach and prompt communication with the project manager team, who strive to balance the requirements of the clients as well as the translators."

Silvia English – Slovak

“One of the most professional agencies I work with – easy communication with well-organized project managers, interesting projects, and prompt payment. I’m always happy when I am offered a project.”

Maria Italian – English

How to become part of our team of translators and interpreters

We build long-term relationships with our translators and interpreters established on trust, sincerity, and mutual openness. Together we are able to provide superior service to our clients around the world and create real value through professionalism and a cordial approach.

Open and equitable communication

2 Mutual trust and respect

3 Investing in your education and skills

4 Technical support for working with CAT tools

Selection process

1. Filling out the form

Firstly, we would ask you to complete and send in the form. The information provided in this form will be thoroughly reviewed by our Vendor manager.

Which criteria do we consider important?

  • required education  
    • completed an education level to the 2nd degree (Master’s degree) in the fields of translation and interpreting
    • completed an education level to the 2nd degree (Master’s degree) with two years of documented professional experiences in the fields of translation and interpreting
    • completed secondary school education with five years of documented professional experience in the fields of translation and interpreting
  • work experience in a specific field of translation or interpreting
  • completing a test translation
  • knowledge and experience with the use of CAT tools

Before we include you in our database of translators and interpreters, we will require you to complete a test translation. Your translation will then be reviewed by our certified translators.

Our clients have uncompromising requirements, so we select our suppliers with exacting consistency. If the text of the test translation meets our expectations of translation quality, we will add you to our database of translators and interpreters, making you a member of our team.

During our working together, project managers will pay special attention to the quality of the translations and provide you with feedback about them.

“The whole team (PMs, IT, finance dept.) they are all highly professional, helpful, punctual, all that one freelancer could wish from an agency. Payments always on time. Real pleasure to work with!”

Sofijana Serbian – English

"I have been working with Translata since 2011 and during this time I have built a personal friendly relationship with many of their project managers. They are very talented, flexible and prepared and they value my work. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Translata."

Rastislav German – English

„One of the best outsourcers I’ve ever worked for. Quick payment, nice PM and permanent contact. I am always happy to work with them!“

Marta French – Spanish

„Translata is by far my favourite translation agency to cooperate with. Their most valuable asset is no doubt people – very friendly, always helpful and communicative. They are professionals in every respect, which is extremely important in such a demanding type of occupation.”

Lukasz English – Polish

„Working with the Translata team — it is a pleasant communication and quick reaction in case of questions or problems. We completely trust this agency, we are proud of our cooperation and we are looking forward to its continuation. We are happy to recommend Translata as a reliable partner.“

Denis English – Russian

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