SWAN Case Study

SWAN’s Lightning-Fast Marcom Magic: Unmatched Speed and Reliability in 3 Languages

Key to success? Long-term cooperation and translation memories. SWAN – a Slovak network carrier – benefits from our express localization services and translations of important marcom messages and B2C communication.

Client | SWAN

SWAN, a.s. specialises in B2B and B2C services, and runs the fourth mobile network carrier in Slovakia – 4ka.

Marcom texts – such as app notifications, mobile and data plan descriptions, B2C service updates, B2B welcome letters, TV app presentation, app registration forms, or instructions for invoicing – form a major part of the translation workload.


In September 2023, we appointed a designated project manager for SWAN who caters to all the client’s translation needs. Our extensive database allowed us to match them with translators who are experienced marcom specialists.


We work in the following language pairs:

We’ve had the pleasure to cooperate on ~40 projects with an average wordcount of 1,000 words.



total of ca.





When the clock is ticking, you need swift and reliable solutions


Our cooperation with SWAN started in 2019 and intensified in April 2022. With shorter texts here and there, we’ve racked up about 40 successful projects.


When racing against the clock, you need to make decisions quickly. Having a reliable partner by your side makes it a lot easier. Client needs to know that they can count on quality and speed. Thanks to our database of 6,000+ verified translation professionals and seasoned project managers, finding the right fit is a matter of minutes.


Time-tested efficiency


Marcom is a delicate niche. Words that sound witty and spot on in one language might come across as arrogant or offensive when translated. “Microcopy” – short descriptions that help users navigate apps and forms – is especially sensitive because the wording needs to be accurate and fit the design.


We rarely use machine translation outputs – only for certain types of internal communication. Texts are translated and proofread by a native speaker. Our internal QA team then performs the final check.


The client usually sends us the Slovak text in an Excel file (especially the texts from their app). We then insert the translations into designated columns according to languages.


These types of translations – with fragmented sentences and placeholders – benefit the most from localization engineering. Each notification can be split into segments; repeating parts are translated only once, and we only translate the variables.



In the month of {XXX}, you have used {price} of your standard rate. The amount was paid by {ZZZ}.

All translations are stored in the client’s translation memory. New texts are added to the ones we’ve already translated. The client doesn’t pay for repetitions, and CAT tools help us manage even same-day deliveries.


Lightning speed and unwavering reliability


Client Testimonial

4ka is a modern Slovak mobile network carrier offering telco services for those who want to stay up to date with unlimited data plans. As a dynamic company, we try to cater to the changing needs of the market and our customers. This often requires full engagement and agile solutions. We are happy that Translata can not only keep up, but also cater to our demanding needs. The cooperation is easy and intuitive – whether we need creative marcom, legal, or technical translations. We especially appreciate the quick reaction time, high standard of services, and professional approach with human touch.

Barbora K. Chrenková

Project Manager for E-Commerce