Adam Chrenko

7. February 2024

Machine Translation Engine Cheat Sheet: Balance Quality, Costs, and Tight Deadlines 

Get our helpful and practical guide, the Machine Translation Engine Cheat Sheet. Simplify your translation process with essential insights and tools.

  • Can’t tell whether MT is any good?
  • Don’t know which engine to use?
  • Low on time and resources?

Get practical tips based on proven metrics from leaders in the industry.

No translation knowledge required.

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I’m Adam – a project manager with a flair for creative translation and copywriting. I’ve always dreamt of being a writer – and, in a way, Translata is helping to make my dream come true. I like to help colleagues with various translation and copywriting challenges. My favourite topics include marcom, finance, banking, and investments. When I’m not reading Tolkien or translating ads for fun, you can find me playing tennis, hiking, or spending quality time with friends and family.