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How we managed to take on the arduous task of interpreting in 5 different languages during the official visit of the European Works Council delegation

Professionally trained interpreters and technicians from Translata took on the challenging task of interpreting in 5 different languages during the official visit of the European Works Council in Bratislava.

Elektrické stožiare pri západe slnka

Client | Engie

ENGIE Services a.s. is a company that provides comprehensive services in energy, property management, and technology installation. It is one of the largest private heating producers in Slovakia.

Client goal and needs


The aim of the assignment was to simultaneously interpret in five languages during the official visit of the European Works Council delegation.


Service provided


Subject: Simultaneous conference interpreting in the field of energy and whisper interpreting (chuchotage) in 5 different languages


Project duration: 28/6/2018, 9:45am – 9:00pm


City: Bratislava


Language combination


6 interpreters interpreted in the following language combinations:


Interpreting equipment


To ensure our simultaneous conference interpretation ran smoothly, we secured the following:




interpreting booths


table-top microphones

Project progression details




Interpreting equipment



Client's statement

“We were extremely satisfied with Translata’s work. We are grateful for their flawless project design. They provided us with the technical set-up and interpreting equipment we needed, and we are thankful they cooperate with such extremely qualified and experienced interpreters. Their professional performance helped us get through a rather demanding workday where five different languages were constantly being spoken at the same time, and our guests – the official EWC delegation – were left extraordinarily satisfied.


I would definitely say I appreciate the level of assurance we received from them during this project knowing that they had a backup solution in case something unexpected went wrong with the equipment. And it wasn’t just empty promises. Even the smallest technical discrepancy was immediately resolved in a professional manner without affecting the overall quality of their service or the work program’s smooth progression.


Due attention was paid to the whole event, the appropriate personnel, and technical capacities. Thanks to our cooperation with Translata, I will always have very fond memories of preparing for this event.”

Ildikó Burajová
Office Manager

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